Portal to Deep Human AI

Humans and machines

learning and managing as one.

Improve productivity by leveraging the everyday insight and experience of your employees.

Improve decision making by combining management intelligence with machine learning.

Grow Enterprise Intelligence by continuously integrating human thinking into AI.


About Mindports

The Mindports Adaptive IA Portal enables humans and machines to learn from each other to better manage any enterprise.

  • Easily engage key employees, clients and vendors, to grow enterprise intelligence in the course of normal business

  • Continuously augment machine learning with human-curated SmartStreams™

  • Provide prioritized data sources on a single screen, available in seconds

  • Combine organizational policies and priorities with enterprise software systems for enhanced oversight and accountability

  • Engage employees through mobile devices for increased efficiency and productivity, improving sales, service and management efficiency

  • Reduce training costs and knowledge loss through advanced knowledge capture and direct application

Our Technology

Mindports introduces a new human-machine interface designed to interact with machine learning in an entirely new way. We make machine process more understandable to managers and employees, and make their actions, choices, and thinking more understandable to machines.


Our platform uses this exchange of communication to enhance both machine learning and human understanding, creating optimal situational awareness for human response and action, advancing enterprise intelligence.




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